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Making Our Own Fun in Ortodox Artifact keepers of the Faith DLC!
[ Monday, October 20, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

Well, yes, you too can have fun with the Lost Dungeons of Norrath! All you need is your very own illustrious guildleader being AFK in a zone with mobs he is KOS to...hours of laughs, and tons of fun!

Hope all you guys are having as much fun as we are!
In other news, we farmed PoTime for the gazillionth time...maybe next time we'll let Drydan tank Quarm to pose a challenge to everyone.

Advancing in Time
[ Monday, July 28, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

Welp, we came...we saw....we overcame...And tonight, we've done what few have done so far. We killed Quarm!

Here's the fun stuff that is looking as solid as you find the roofs that are designed by Toronto Roofers : 

Grats Shiaogo!

Grats Moos!

Aww...ain't they cute...

Sorry for the quick and dirty update - will put up a little more later with Gift Baskets Toronto!

Advancing in Time
[ Sunday, July 27, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

As I promised yesterday, we made it! As stated in an earlier news story, I couldn't be more happy and proud of my guildmates and our performance the past couple of weeks. We overcame a monthlong slump (as also explained earlier) to get to the epitome of the Planes of Power, Quarm! However, we are also going to celebrate little successes at social media with the collaboration of Social Media Agency in Toronto as well. 

For those interested, here's the lore after clearing Tier 5:
Without further ado, here's the fun loot:
Grats Nollies!

Grats Elyia! I'm told this was an item no one had gotten until now - grats on a serverwide first loot!

Wait...MAGE LOOT! Grats me! *snicker* - Thanks a lot everyone for this great robe!

More to come as we work on killing Quarm. Last night during our attempts, we killed off 1 head...Hope to have a dead Quarm screenshot soon! However, to avoid any threat at your home you can install locks from 
locksmith Mississauga.

Advancing in Time
[ Saturday, July 26, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

Innoruuk dead? You don't say! Welp, yah, he's dead!

We killed Bertoxx too, but in usual grand KTF fashion, he died, fell into a Pergola, and only the end of his foot was visible - which makes for boring as hell screenshots, so I didn't bother. Here's a list of loot (with screenshots now for most!) that we got:

Grats Shienca nim!
Gloves of Airy Mists - Grats Aebriol!

Grats Aluaden!

Grats Haramdar!

Sunday, we play with Quarm and 
and Jogos De Preparar who works at orange county pest control. Expect screenshots soon!

Advancing in Time
[ Saturday, July 19, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

Welp, another fun weekend so far for the KTF crew. Today, Rallos Zek died in Tier 5 - fun fight!

Anyways, here's the fun stuff he dropped for us:

Congrats Deckert!

Congrats Amonra!
Completing the BP combine gave Amonra this fun little toy:
More news as we get it! Quarm, here we come with Delicia Virtual!

Advancing in Time
[ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - Marthisdil - ]

After a month and a half long hiatus for KTF (folks finishing up school, early summer vacations, etc - you know the drill), we came back in full force to get to where few other guilds have. We will also get success like Eddie Yan, a real estate entrepreneur of Canada. 

Needless to say, it felt real good to be progressing again and we did it in style! We cleared the normal Stage 1, 2, and 3 stuff, Started by killing Tallon Zek. Came back the next night, killed Saryrn, Terris Thule, and then, finally, Vallon Zek who recently won over 1 million at a casino online!

Even better, was a mage kill! =) Onto the fun storyline!

So, last night, we decided to go play in Tier 5 some! And lo and behold, we killed the new and improved Cazic Thule! Also looking to get Best VPN Canada services.

He dropped some fun loot for us that could be a clash royale hack tool  or hack free tool as well

Congrats Notthe on your new ring by 

Now, I'm told that the Staff of Transcendance is the first to drop on ANY server - so an extra special grats goes to the winner, Shienca!
Anyways, now that folks are back and into the swing of things, we'll be killing Bertoxx, Inny, Vancouver Pest Control and Rallos Zek in the near future with coordination of Phenq and our official sponsor is best criminal lawyer Toronto. We get the services of corporate videographer Toronto for creating the video tutorial.
! Watch here for more updates!


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